Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019 is the second in a series of conferences dedicated to bees, founded by the Natural Beekeeping Trust in 2018. This edition, comprised of a two-day Zeidlerei workshop plus two-day bee-centric conference, strives to spark cross-disciplinary dialogue among beekeepers, farmers, foresters, and others. During the conference, we will address the question, “How can we, together, envision an alternative future for beekeeping that's more aligned with nature and informed by what the bees need?”

 In other words, “What can we learn from the bees?”

Our Mission
To bridge differences in ideology and practice and come together, unified by bees, to brainstorm alternatives to failing systems and help shape the future of beekeeping and environmental stewardship.

Our Vision
To convene specialists and enthusiasts from around the world to listen to the bees’ lessons — from a bee-centric perspective — and then spread and apply those learnings far and wide. As natural beekeeping gains momentum, it is critical that we practitioners share ideas, experiences, expertise, and data so that we can learn from one another and, together, shape an improved future.

Our Objectives
- To train participants in the craft of Zeidlerei
- To convene diverse opinions and to bridge disciplines
- To provide hope and to inspire
- To offer moments for networking
- To encourage action and collaboration
- To collect citizen-science data on wild honey bees’ health

Our Philosophy and Genesis
Although suffering from myriad human-imposed stressors, indicators show that wild honey bees do succeed in nature. From these examples we can learn much about what the species as a whole needs to survive — and thrive — and subsequently what we can learn from them to improve our understanding of nature and how our current practices can be harmful. 

Our Hive
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