Throughout Kühlhaus, several artists’ works as well as bee-related handicrafts will be displayed to immerse Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019 in the creative and inspirational world of bees and natural beekeeping.

Krzysztof Hejke

Born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1962, Krzysztof Hejke is a professor of cinematography, photographer, camera man, globetrotter, and publisher. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Nałęczów, the Institute of Art Photography in Prague, and the State Academy of Film, Television and Theater in Łódź. Since 1992 he has taught at the latter in the Faculty of Cinematographers and Directors.

His work has been shown in more than 140 individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad, and his images are in several museums and private collections. He has authored more than 10 albums, has worked with National Geographic Magazine, and has participated in and documented high-mountain expeditions in the Himalayas, Alaska, Siberia, and the Caucasus. Since several years he has also traveled with a camera through the former Polish eastern territories and in Siberia, recording traces of the activities of the Poles and their descendants, a project that has included the life and work of the last Zeidlers (tree beekeepers) in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland. From this series, life-sized posters were created and will be hung in Kühlhaus.

Olaf Baldini
Generative-Scribe Mural

Different than visual recording, Olaf Baldini will capture the atmosphere of Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019 while generative-scribing, an illustrative art form that includes imagery, words, and headlines that feel most relevant to the scribe. Emphasis lies in the “feeling” quality of the spoken words rather than accurately transcribing what has been said. The concept behind this approach is to help participants connect with what is being said on an emotional level, which complements what has been perceived factually.

More about Olaf’s approach can be found here.

Sabine Bergmann
Display of bee-themed objects

Sharing her personal collection of antiques, artifacts, and other bee-themed objects, Sabine Bergmann will display a variety of skep hives, sculptures, and tree-beekeeping tools and photographs.

Sa Bienen Imkerei and Schloss Hamborn

Milena Aguilar
Etchings and drawings

“My artwork is based on observations in Nature, thus I paint directly in the countryside. There, I observe insects’ expressions; the position of their legs, face, hair, and wings give each animal an individual character, which I try to express in my drawings. Sometimes they form different patterns within my works, depending on the different painting and printing techniques used.”

Milena Aguilar’s website

Ivan Kostolov

Astronaut (large painting in center)
Oil on canvas

Ivan Kostolov’s website

Silke Meyer
Sculpture and illustration

Sculpture and beehive

Bee Revolution
Poster about bees and wild bees in rebellion
(inspired by Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix)


Ingmar Zech
Life-sized tree drawings

Trees as stage design
Acrylic on paper

Joy Blanchard

Learning from the Bees
Wood, metal, oil, gold leaf, bees, beeswax

Joy Blanchard’s Instagram