Speed BEE Talks

TEDx Talk with Jessie Brown (photo only for reference)

TEDx Talk with Jessie Brown (photo only for reference)

5 slides in 5 minutes. From the main stage, invited guests and a handful of chosen applicants from conference attendees will present innovative projects, intriguing trends, and new bee-related news. In this series of rapid-fire talks (inspired by TED Talks), we’ll hear from innovators, inventors, scientists, activists, and more. Moderated by Sarah Wiener (to be confirmed).

We will accept applications from conference attendees starting 15 June.

Presenters will be announced on an ongoing basis. Program subject to change.

Speed BEE Talks – Application Form

We are looking for speakers who can succinctly and articulately present one of the following topics from the main stage in five minutes or less: 1) An innovative project that is in development or already being implemented; 2) An intriguing trend related to apiculture, forestry, agriculture, and/or the environment; or 3) New bee-related news. Applications will be evaluated by a committee and selected on a rolling basis, starting on 15 June.

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